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We are especially concerned that everyone who comes here finds a warm welcome, plentiful knowledge and a rewarding experience.

To this end, we have established a few simple guidelines and rules that allow a broad diversity of opinions and viewpoints, while encouraging members to express themselves without creating disharmony and ill-will.

1. Mutual respect and civilized conversation is the required norm. Flaming or inciting flaming, name calling or personal attacks will not be tolerated. This includes references to bodily harm or violence.

2. No hard language is permitted. If you feel you absolutely must swear the use of stars (*) or smilies can convey your feelings without endangering your place in our forums. Saying "S***!" may be ok, but saying "YOU S***" is never allowed.

3. Please observe posting in the proper topic. We have a forum structure to help new members determine where their post most likely belongs. Messages posted under the wrong topic may be moved or deleted as necessary by the staff.

4. No hijacking or PWing of threads with pointless posts. Start another thread if you have a different topic.

5. No SHOUTING (posting in all capital letters). It is hard to read, just plain rude and annoying.

6. Do not post personal information (i.e. addresses, phone numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, images) or any other information considered private without the express permission of to whom it belongs.

7. Do not impersonate other individuals or falsely represent yourself.

8. Do not discuss, suggest, engage in, or encourage any illegal activities. Links provided to locations that deal with any such activity are also expressly forbidden

9. Prejudice - M3Forum has a policy of tolerance and inclusion. Its purpose is to share knowledge and experience, and discuss them in a friendly, respectful and polite way. Prejudicial language and behavior is absolutely forbidden and may result in loss of posting privileges. Racial, sexist or religious slights of any kind are not tolerated, nor are slights against groups or persons based on sexual orientation, age, class, IQ, ethnicity or similar features.

10. Nudity/Pornography - No nudity, or links to pornography. If in doubt, ask. Sexually related content will be moved or deleted as necessary by moderators.

11. Valid e-mail - You must keep a valid e-mail address on file at all times. If you do not, your posting privileges will be suspended and your account may be locked out.

12. No posting of Copyrighted Material without explicit permission of the owner/author will be allowed. This includes using image tags to link to an image on another site. This is a serious offence and may be dealt with as such.

13. Multiple Accounts are not allowed. Any member creating more than one account will be warned by staff, and the second account will be deleted. If yet another account is subsequently created, after being warned by staff the member in question may be banned.

14. Private Messages (PM) - PMs are just that, private messages. Any member posting a PM on the forums without express prior written permission from the site owner(s) will be subject to warning or even banning, and the post will be deleted. Spamming to PM boxes will earn a permanent ban.

15. Off Topic (OT) - OT for fun and chat, but there are limits. Please always respect your fellow members. OT is a section of the forum where you may speak freely, however this does not mean you may break any forum rules. If you have a gripe or moan keep it civil. Keep controversial discussions flame free. Constructive criticism is acceptable, bashing is not.

16. Trolling - Anyone entering the forum with the express intent to cause trouble or harm is subject to immediate and permanent ban.

17. Unrestricted Website - This site is accessible to minors, and therefore any link or post that contains inappropriate material will be immediately removed and the poster may be subject to immediate loss of posting privileges.

18. No discussion or depicting of illegal drugs and/or criminal activities is allowed.

19. Avatars shall be no larger than 180x180 pixels and must qualify under rules 12 and 20 as well.

20. Signatures & Sig images - Signatures should have a maximum text letter size of 4. The entire signature text should not exceed 3 lines and pictures no larger than 250Hx600L pixels. Links in signatures are not allowed.

21. Plagiarism - Posting content not obtained by yourself without clearly stating so can result in banning.

22. Product Manufactures and Vendors - Please identify yourself to staff from the outset and apply for authorization. All unauthorized advertising, marketing, PR, offers, etc. will be removed and your membership canceled.

23. For Sale posting - A post count of 250 posts or one year of membership is required for permission to post items for sale in our Parts for Sale/Wanted section. Any poster with less than the mandatory conditions will receive a warning and their post will be immediately removed.

24. Buy/Trade/Sell at your own risk. M3Forum assumes no responsibility for any bad deals or disputes. Buy, trade or sell at your own risk. There will be no buying, selling or trading outside the Parts for Sale/Wanted section without exception. Transgression will result in immediate deletion of the thread, warning to the offender and possible permanent removal of For Sale privileges.

25. Paypal Pricing - It is illegal to charge buyers for Paypal costs.

26. No spamming of any kind is allowed, this includes spamming to PM boxes. Spam posts will be removed and the offender’s membership will be cancelled.

27. Theft, fraudulent activities - M3Forum will not condone or tolerate theft, trading in stolen property, fraudulent insurance claims or other dealings, or the aiding and abetting of those who do. Offending members risk permanent loss of membership.

28. Warez - No discussions or postings of Warez (pirated software) or links to Warez sites will be tolerated. All such dealings and sites are illegal.

29. The owner and staff of M3Forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread and remove or change any avatar, username or signature for any reason.

30. You are asked to respect forum moderators and administrators, and you are bound as a member to follow their directions and instructions.

31. Vacations & Bans - Should it become necessary to permanently ban someone from our forums, they are very rarely given a second chance. Breaking any of the above listed forum rules can result in the loss of posting privileges and possible loss of your forum account. M3Forum also reserves the right to ban any user, at any time, and for any reason.
The comments and opinions posted are of their respective poster, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of M3Forum, its staff or administrators. Issues with another member, moderator or admin should be taken up in PM with the appropriate forum/staff member

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