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E92 M3 Concept released at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show!

"Concept study of a BMW M3 by BMW M GmbH, dimensions and fundamental form based on BMW 3 Series Coupé, exclusive new engineering of almost every body element, purpose-built for individualistic form and maximum sporting potential..."

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BMW E92 M3 Coupe/Sedan Pricing

BMW North America has given dealers preliminary pricing details for the 2008 E92 M3 Coupe.  The car is expected to make its official debut at the Paris Motor Show in September 2007.

Base Coupe $ 56,500
Base Sedan $ 53,800
Destination $ 775

Code Option Description Price..............$ USD

ND-- Extended Novillo leather w/ZPP $ 1,100/ wo/ZPP $ 2000 ($1100 with Premium Pkg)
NC-- Novillo Leather $ 950
MET--- Metallic Paint $ 475
2MK M-DCT $ 2700
2MT 19s $ 1,200
223 Electronic Damper Control $ 1,000 (included with Tech Pkg)
322 Comfort Access $ 500
403 Glass Moonroof Sedan $ 1050/ Coupe $ no cost option
415 Power Rear Sunshade $ 350
494 Heated Front Seats $ 500
507 PDC R $ 350
609 Professional Navigation $ 2,100  (included with Tech Pkg)
639 BMW Assist $ 750 (included with Premium Pkg)
653 HD Radio $ 350
655 Satelitte Radio $ 595
4MX Blue-gray Brushed Aluminum Trim $ 300
4MY Carbon Leather Trim $ 300
4MZ Sycamore Anthracite Wood Trim $ 300
6FL i-Pod and USB $ 400
752 Enhanched Premium Audio (must be ordered with 609 or ZTP) $ 1,900
ZCW Cold Weather Package $ 750
ZPP Premium Package $ 1,900
ZTP Technology Package $ 3,250


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