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BMW Press Release


BMW Group increases sales in February by 2.8%

BMW brand 3.6% up on the same month last year

Munich. The BMW Group increased its sales by 2.8% in February this year. In total, 97,416 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles were delivered to customers (previous year: 94,781). For the year up to and including February, the corresponding figure is 191,693 units, which is 1.6% above last year (188,616).

As the Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Dr. Norbert Reithofer, confirmed at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday, the company is assuming that the BMW Group will set a new sales record for the year as a whole, with each of the three brands reaching a new all-time high.

In February, 85,473 BMW cars were delivered to customers. This is an increase of 3.6% (previous year: 82,536). For the year to the end of February, sales, at 166,098 units, were 3.3% above the corresponding level last year (160,801). From the second quarter, the BMW Group is expecting sales of the BMW brand to develop much more dynamically. This growth is driven by the BMW 3 Series Convertible and the revised BMW 5 Series and BMW 1 Series models which will be launched in the market later this month. The new three-door BMW 1 Series will follow in May. The new BMW X5 has been available in North America since November last year and will also be delivered to customers in Europe from the middle of March.

MINI Clubman still to come this year

Sales of MINI did not quite reach the previous year’s level with 11,905 vehicles delivered in February (previous year: 12,215/-2.5%). The new MINI has been available in the USA since the middle of February. Further overseas markets such as Japan will follow this month. The model range of the second generation of MINI will be expanded from April onwards by the addition of the new MINI Cooper D and the new MINI One. In addition, the company announced at the Geneva Motor Show that it would be launching the MINI Clubman later this year.

After the MINI Convertible, this is the third model variant of the MINI that has been available from the BMW Group since summer 2001. As the new models become increasingly available over the course of the year, sales of the MINI brand are also set to become more dynamic. For the year to the end of February, MINI, with 25,532 cars sold, is still 8.0% below last year's figure (27,755).

38 Rolls-Royce vehicles were delivered to customers in February

(previous year: 30/+26.7%). For the year to the end of February, 63 Rolls-Royce Phantoms were handed over to customers (previous year: 60).

Motorcycle sector continues to be very positive

After a positive January, deliveries to customers in the motorcycle sector in February rose once again by a clear 19.4% to reach 6,413 vehicles (previous year: 5,372). For the year to the end of February, this means an increase of 13.3% to 10,565 motorcycles sold (previous year: 9,326).

BMW Group February 2007 sales and Year-to-date at a glance




Compared with previous year

Year-to-date February 2007

Compared with previous year

BMW Group Automobiles


+ 2.8%


+ 1.6%



+ 3.6%


+ 3.3%



- 2.5%


- 8.0%



+ 26.7%


+ 5.0%

BMW Motorcycles


+ 19.4%


+ 13.3%

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